Download the first chapter of City of Lies

The debut novel from Anja AS Renner: writer and writing coach from Germany. City of Lies follows a young lawyer who returns to her hometown Philadelphia to discover that her father didn't die the hero she thought he was.

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    A Lawyer

    Brave, committed, principled: Jenny Gordon wants to be like her father. She ends up back in Philadelphia, where Mafia boss Giuliano Morelli murdered her parents.

    Her Partner

    Marshall Lawrence, of all people, is assigned as her partner. Not only is he more successful than her, but he likes to cross the boundaries of legality to achieve his goals.

    A City of Lies

    Jenny gets increasingly entangled in the web that Mafia boss Morelli has woven all over Philadelphia. She soon realizes that nothing is as it seems. Who is holding the strings in this city?